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Carlos Johns-Davila
Peruvian American multimedia artist based in Brooklyn, New York. He graduated from The New School with his masters degree in arts management & entrepreneurship. Since graduating he has gone on to work for 3-Legged Dog, Crux.Black, Black Heart, Black Public Media and many more.

Carlos is available for consultation in XR performance, immersive design, projection installation and virtually anything else that involves a bit of magic. 

︎ @princeCarlosthe5  

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Carlos Johns-Dávila

Upcoming Events

[A glowing white light washes over a child who is being fitted into a VR headset] Carlos assisting an audience member at the POV VR Exhibit for Tribeca Film Festival 2021. picture credit @5amphotos__

FROM SEA TO RISING SEA was created by artists and climate organizations interested in focusing on solutions to the climate crisis. Our mission is to educate audiences, while using Virtual Reality and 360 filmmaking to transport viewers to beautiful nature-based locations. The film was made in partnership with Oceanic Global and youth group,
Zero Hour
From Sea to Rising  Sea
VR Exhibit
Co-Directed by Sigin Ojulu &
Mary John Frank
Sept 23, 2022  
12 - 7p
The Marketplace of the Future
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