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Carlos Johns-Davila
Peruvian American multimedia artist based in Brooklyn, New York. He graduated from The New School with his masters degree in arts management & entrepreneurship. Since graduating he has gone on to work for 3-Legged Dog, Crux.Black, Black Heart, Black Public Media and many more.

Carlos is available for consultation in XR performance, immersive design, projection installation and virtually anything else that involves a bit of magic. 

︎ @princeCarlosthe5  

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Bayete Ross Smith

Red Summers VR

[Mug shot of a male with a target practice scoreboard overlay]

Visualizing Violence
Columbia Law School
Red Summers
Bayete Ross Smith
VR Installation
April 6, 2022
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[A photo of a dilapidated building superimposed over a modern day storefront]

Watch Red Summers VR on mobile or laptop buy clicking image above
Areas of skills rendered